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Postman Syndrome – Terraforming – CD Review

Off-timing, Death, Grindcore, Jazz, Metalcore, and Dark Alternative barely scratches the surface of the Postman Syndrome's diverse sound. Their second opus, “Terraforming” [Now Or Never Records], is quite an amazing work. It's brutal, soft, and intricate-an eclectic horror show of wonders and ferocities.

Growls, melancholic howls, and gentle clean vocals are used throughout. Brutal electric guitars with Grind/Hardcore elements blast, and then a massive tempo change occurs. The softer segments have acoustic guitars and more ethereal qualities. It's startling, and cool.

Songs of note include the killer “Unfamiliar Ceiling,” “Interpretive Decorating,” “Volume Fact” (Part 2), and “Lonely In Your Arms.” Many of the songs have multiple, distinct parts. But somehow, it works for them.

Overall, the Postman Syndrome is unusually cool. Who wants to be normal anyway?

Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
Copyright 2002.
Courtesy of Stranger Aeons Magazine.

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