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Pitchshifter – ‘Deviant’ – CD Review

The latest work from Pitchshifter will come as no surprise to their hardcore fan base. ‘Deviant‘ (MCA Records) is exactly what anyone – newly exposed or old school follower – would expect coming from a band with this much appeal and talent. Jon Clayden and the line-up for the millennium and beyond have created a new, more mature, pure Pitchshifter masterpiece within the glossy walls of ‘Deviant‘. Welcome your hosts for the next hour or so – JonJ.S.’ Clayden (vocals, beats, riffs, sampling), Johnny Carter (guitar, programming), Matt Grundy (live guitar), Mark Clayden (bass), onstage percussion by Jason Bowld who replaces D. Walters, and Jim Davies (lead guitar).

You can’t pigeonhole this band, which may very well explain why Pitchshifter has so much widespread respect throughout the many, very different fan bases. For example, having been a big fan of Helmet for a number of years, one of the very first influences I heard on ‘Deviant‘ were those from Helmet’s style. Later, I found out that Helmet’s drummer, John Stanier, contributed to the CD. Helmet and Pitchshifter are two very different bands, but you will hear elements of Helmet blending not only within the guitar/bass and drum arrangements, but also in some of the lyrical stanzas.

What is my point? Helmet fans would dig the new release by Pitchshifter. So will punk fans, techno fans, hardcore fans, industrial fans, etc., etc. They speak a very universal language through their music. Impressive these days, when most of what is out there in the ‘Alternative’ division is either rap-influenced or nearly forgotten. Good luck finding a category for this band in record store bins. Perhaps the stores should just create a section called ‘Pitchshifter’ and make their lives easier.

Deviant‘ opens with a double-dose of stand out tracks called ‘Condescension’ and ‘Wafer Thin’ – the latter being a fine example of the Helmet influence I’ve just described – and continues to flow and pop with electricity throughout the entire 12-song collection. Other favorites of mine, ‘Scene This‘ which grooves along with a total rave-style, techno back beat; ‘Everything’s Fucked‘ which is full of pure attitude and coolness, and the instrumental finale with the hip-hop/house beats, ‘P.S.I. Cological.’

Pitchshifter are on tour, and will arrive in Los Angeles to play with Static-X and Ultraspank at the always-lovely Palace in Hollywood on May 21st. Be sure to pick up your copy of ‘Deviant‘ on May 23rd, and visit www.pitchshifter.com as well as the other bazillions of websites created by fans of the band for even more info.

Lesa Pence

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