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Perry Farrell – Song Yet To Be Sung – CD Review

Perry Farrell - Song Yet To Be SungAre you ready for something entirely different? Something unexpected and fresh but from a very old soul? Ready to expand your mind? Then take my hand and allow me to lead you down some brand new roads while we give this music a spin as our soundtrack. Perry Farrell is about to whisk us away to some very new and exciting places with his long-awaited release, Song Yet To Be Sung.

Listening to this CD is like taking a mental vacation from the stresses of the world. It’s like visiting every exotic destination you’ve ever imagined. All 12 tracks are ethereal, experimental, and thoroughly enjoyable. The listener will return feeling rejuvenated and enlightened – just as Perry has been while studying and learning during the creation and production of this release.

Perry Farrell has certainly earned his position and the respect of countless musicians and fans for his place in former projects, namely the devastatingly beautiful work from Jane’s Addiction. Porno for Pyros followed, but didn’t hit with the impact that Jane’s did. After the chaos of founding and letting go of Lollapalooza, and losing former line-ups to the watery abyss – Perry has resurfaced with glittering and gorgeous material on Song Yet To Be Sung. Perry Farrell is nothing if not a true visionary. He has paved the road for so many, that it is obvious when a band is under the influence of Perry Farrell’s work. That is a sign of a true artist.

It took three and a half years to write, and a total five years to perfect this experimental new collection of work as a solo project under the Virgin Records label. After hearing the CD in it’s entirety, it’s easy to agree that it was definitely well worth the wait. Perry Farrell has expanded his musical horizons beyond anyone’s expectations – and perhaps his own. This is work that he has created for himself in celebration of his personal and professional growth. The music reflects so many adventures of the mind, body, and spirit that it listening to Song Yet To Be Sung almost as cleansing as visiting a spa. Favorite tracks: ‘Happy Birthday Jubilee‘, ‘Our Song‘ and the title track.

Track Listing:

Happy Birthday Jubilee
Song Yet To Be Sung
Did You Forget
Our Song
Say Something
King Z
To Me
Nua Nua
Admit I
Happy Birthday Jubilee (Reprise)

Rating: 4/5

Although this is a solo effort, Perry Farrell opened the doors to many contributors on this CD, including those talents of his former band mates. A long list of creative talents includes Jane’s Addiction guitarist (and now solo artist) Dave Navarro, as well as Jane’s drummer Stephen Perkins, and even Martyn Le Noble of Porno for Pyros. But the new sound is very heavily globally influenced, danceable, and altogether hypnotic. This is especially apparent on the title track, on which the music sounds so inspired and soulful, that you cannot help but be swept up within it.

It is as if the songs themselves were fashioned from elements of the Earth and the ocean and everything in between. You would think Perry had wrapped his graceful arms around the world, the past, and the future, and discovered a way to contain it. The result is served to us in the form of joyous, cultural, digital sound bytes. There is something very refreshing and energizing about the concoction of Song Yet To Be Sung. As the bottle said in Alice in Wonderland: “Drink me”.

For more information on Perry Farrell’s new solo project, check out the very impressive new website at http://www.perry-farrell.com. Or take the mellower path and just slip on your headphones, cool your heels in a hammock, and check yourself in to the Perry Farrell “audio spa for the mind”. Dive in. Enjoy your stay.

Lesa Pence

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