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Parise – Demo

Parise – Demo

Normally when I get random e-mails to check out bands I push them off to the back burner. More times then not, there is a long winded p.r. speach followed by a 'come download our music' plea. I don't care for that. I have a lousy computer, with a lousy connection.

A few weeks back I get a short, to the point e-mail from a guy named David speaking for a band named Parise. Bluntly he said, “the band has an extremely unique sound and I would like for you to find this out yourself.” He then asked for an addy to send the band's four song demo to. As he was that sure of the music that he didn't go into a 1,000 word bio of his band, I thought I'd give up my mailbox.

I really can't tell you just how glad I am that I did. Rarely have I ever gotten a demo as polished as this. Parise is not your every-day metal band. They sound like Stabbing Westward, had they Glen Danzig fronting the band without his hostile edge.

Melodic, haunting and etherial at times, the emotionally-charged music should appeal to goth and Gothenburgh fans alike. The California band is made up of guitarist/vocalist Christopher Parise, his brother Stephen on drums, David Gordoni playing bass and keyboardist Bill Farber.

The demo contained the tracks “Awake“, “Strings“, “My Heart, Your Hands“, and “New” – all of which are certainly worth checking out. If  you are interested, and I think you should be, head over to www.parise.ws. I eagerly await their full-length debut and U.S. tour.

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