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Papa Roach “Infest” CD Review

Papa Roach, a heavy and emotionally charged funk/metal/rap four-piece with roots in Northern California are ready to rock you hard, and they’re holding nothing back. The debut CD “Infest,” (Dreamworks Records) is overflowing with power, passion, creativity, and some originality for a change. I’ve heard this type of music for a while now with the influx of “rap metal” acts over the past couple of years gaining popularity, but it’s rare when something sticks out and makes a name for itself. Papa Roach have done that.

This isn’t your typical ‘white boy rap’ band. It’s a little deeper, a little murkier, and just a little gloomier than your average ‘Bizkit’. What’s cool is that the focus leans more towards the metal side, with infectious guitar lines and memorable choruses that you want to learn so that you can rock along with them. Coby, Jerry, Tobin, and Dave are fully capable musicians and they’ve proven that with “Infest”. Jay Baumgardner does a concrete production job and the band sounds polished, professional, and full of confidence.

The general feel of the CD is moody and dark, yet it is still full of that much needed energy that will keep you moving. Personal favorites of mine are ‘Dead Cell‘, the title track, ‘Infest‘, ‘Never Enough‘, and ‘Thrown Away‘, which reminds me just a little of the Deftones’ style; particularly when Coby does the grainy whispering intro. ‘Dead Cell’ especially is one bad mofo of a track. It showcases the heaviness of the band fully, and it’s a nice introduction to the world of Papa Roach. I dare you to cheat and listen to this one first.

I would keep a close eye on Papa Roach, if you haven’t already been doing so at your local shows. They’ve established a loyal and enthusiastic following in the Los Angeles/Hollywood club circuit already, and when the “infestation” goes on tour, they’re bound to gain a larger audience with their energetic and unyielding live performances. Papa Roach are well on their way to leaving a nice mark on the music scene.

Lesa Pence

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