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ORKEST – 3 Song Demo – CD Review

Orkest - 3 Song DemoThe melding of the visual arts and music has been around since man learned to use his imagination. And recently, more and more bands have incorporated art and theatrics into their shows. For example, Los Angeles groups such as Downset, The Shapeshifters, and The Visionaries all make public knowledge their affiliation with graffiti and urban art crews (CBS, UTI, THC, etc.). Similarly, the local band Orkest strives to mix “natural rhythms within a systematic artfield.” What is created is a visual and auditory experience that is both potent and demiurgic, and their recently released three-song demo beautifully showcases this band's work.

The demo begins with my favorite track, called “Disembler.” It is a streaming yet hard metal groove with bits of bouncy sing-along fodder. Amid the maverick vibrations, bilingual lead singer Rolando Mora proclaims, “I'm walking on the moon, and I ain't coming down anytime soon.” The next song, “Placebo Effect,” is a classic mellow-to-harsh tune. This offering does have its creative moments, as an echoing interlude contributes empyreal particles of atmosphere to the CD. The demo ends with “Revivisense,” which means “come to life.” And the boys definitely do come to life on this capricious and raw guitar-driven jam.

Hailing from the streets of Lynwood and Long Beach, this band is determined to share their art with the world. They are playing several shows, and posting their work on the website www.orkestmusic.com. And with the release of this demo, Orkest prove that they are not just a band, but an artistic culture.

-Rikk eLhaj

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