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ON – “Shifting Skin” – CD Review

When I first heard the song ‘Soluble Words‘, being a huge God Lives Underwater enthusiast, and a Failure fan for a very long time; I recognized the GLU influence and Ken Andrews‘ voice right away and asked what the origin of this new and quite refreshing sound was. I was informed that it was a new band called ‘On‘. I was an instant fan.

The CD is entitled “Shifting Skin” (Epic Records) and is due for release in the early part of this year. Andrews has ventured out on his own and formed On but not without contributions from the likes of Jordan Zadorozny and Kelii Scott from Blinker the Star, Jeff Turzo of God Lives Underwater, Matt Mahaffey of Self, Jeff Trout from Sheryl Crow, Roger Manning and Justin Meldal-Johnsen from Beck, and Brad Laner from Medicine. The result is a complex intermingling of melodic energy and programming electricity; and it’s completely enjoyable to listen to.

My personal favorites off of “Shifting Skin” are ‘Soluble Words’ (lots of radio single potential here), ‘If I Get To Feel You‘, and ‘Perfect Imposter‘. The feel of the entire collection of songs is quite ready for radio, and it has a very futuristic sound. Like God Lives Underwater, I kind of enjoy terming it ‘space rock, ‘ but you can give it a listen for yourself and define it, label it, pigeon hole it any way you like. However, no matter what you do, just try it; you might like it.

I can easily see On being played in heavy rotation. That is if radio stations decide to wake up one day, branch out, and get a taste for something a little different for a change. I guess that is left to be seen… and hopefully, heard.

Lesa Pence

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