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Nothingface – Tracks from ‘Violence’ demo review


TVT Recording artists, Nothingface have been an elusive little shadow looming over the metal scene, and finally have produced a collection of their latest dark offerings for the public to consume in heavy doses. So, if you’re still not full to the brim with heavy music, the eminent Nothingface release is barking right up your tree.

With moody vocals that sound similar to newcomers Tenfold, and an underlying Machine Head-esque guitar line on ‘Bleeder’, this will please the metal fan in more ways than one.

‘Make Your Own Bones’ has a neck-snapper groove to it, with sandpaper vocals and throbbing bass and drums in the background.

The upcoming CD entitled ‘VIOLENCE” will be available this Fall. Until then, visit www.TVTrecords.com for more information and discover some of the labels’ groundbreaking new artists, including Nothingface.

Lesa Pence
–  lesa@unearthed.com

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