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Nasum – Helvete – CD Review

Classic Grind typically follows one rule—”30 seconds of perfect aggression.”  (This typically being the maximum length for many such songs.)  Nasum adheres somewhat to the “short and fierce” rules of early style Grind.  Their 2003 opus, “Helvete” [Relapse Records], is an instantly addictive archetype for the Grindcore genre.

It’s ferocious, powerful sound drills into the skull and explodes like a fragmentation grenade.  Shrieking, growled vocals burn through manic, pulverizing rhythms.  Guitars are dense, massive walls of snarling violence.  Samples are often used, adding a modern Industrial edge to this whirlwind of artistic tribulation.

The best of these volatile gems includes the roaring “Drop Dead,” the blistering blast of “Preview Of Hell,” “I Hate People,” “Illogic,” “Worst Case Scenario,” “Your Words Alone,” and the fiery “Living Next Door To Malice.”  There are 22 killer tracks in all.  Nasum is pure, beautiful chaos released.

In summary, Nasum creates masterful, Industrial Grindcore that is as addictive as it is aggressive.  This is what brutality is all about….  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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