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My Fate – Happiness Is Fiction – CD Review

Deep, dark, and powerful: My Fate brings a new and relentless edge to the Powercore genre. Their 2004 debut, “Happiness Is Fiction” [Crash Music, Inc.], is as vibrant as it is vicious. Dark, melodic inflections are fused into the intense roar of burning ferocity.

Intense grooves with a tenebrous, melodic bent are at the core here. Guttural growls mix with deep, heart-wrenching howls and are their preferred vocal tools. My Fate has an epic, otherworldly quality to their crushing glory.

The best of these brutal wonders includes the harsh radiance of “Detoxify,” “Circumstance,” the surreal trauma of “I Am The Ocean,” “These Demons,” and “With No Scars.” My Fate is solidly good, and fiery.

Overall, My Fate is a great new act with a unique style. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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