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Matt Ender – “Ancient Isle” – CD Review

Matt Ender plays acoustic piano and all electronic parts and programming on this album. For whatever instruments are left, various studio musicians, I’m guessing, join him for some songs. You know, this person played harp or cello on this song, or that person played penny whistle or bodhran on that song. The knowledge that this is essentially one man doing these songs, makes an already great album that much more impressive.

Now just from that first paragraph, you’re probably wondering what kind of music is on this CD. I’ve always had a problem with lumping music into one category or another, but the best way to describe this album would probably be New-Age Celtic. Whatever you want to call it, one thing’s for sure you can call it amazing. Maybe I’m just a sucker for Celtic music, but this is not your average Celtic music; it’s Celtic music with a twist. The electronic parts coupled with the more traditional instruments, give the music a very different sound. However at the same time, an old favorite like ‘Danny Boy‘ just sounds right, along with the 12 original songs on this album. This is an entirely instrumental album, but it just doesn’t need any lyrics, it’s the kind of music you just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

I don’t, in any way, mean to downplay the other artists amazing contributions to this CD, but for me to list every musician and what they played could honestly double the length of this review without any trouble at all. The best way to acknowledge the hard work of all the musicians on this album is to go out and buy this CD, you won’t regret it, not in the least.


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