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Martyr A.D. – On Earth As It Is In Hell – CD Review

Forged in rage, the brutal power of the new Metalcore beast Martyr A.D. is an undeniable force. Their 2004 debut, “On Earth As It Is In Hell” [Victory Records], is a primal onslaught of savage glory. Martyr A.D. takes a relentless Metalcore edge, and sharpens it with Powercore grooves and a melodic undercurrent.

Martyr A.D. is pure, obliterating aggression at its finest. Raw intensity is tempered by brilliant musicianship, as fierce blasts of crushing guitar roar fuse with catchy, insane rhythms and ferocious, jagged vocal growls.

The best cuts include the bleeding stomp of “Beneath The Plague,” “Misery Dance,” the frenzied discord of “The Serpent And The Flower,” “Into Stone,” and the pummeling “Bring On Your Dead.” The most killer song is “American Hollow,” a visceral barrage of explosive ferocity. Martyr A.D. is as primal and epic as they come.

In summary, Martyr A.D. is one of the best Metalcore bands around. And the quality of this opus makes it one of the BEST RELEASES of 2004. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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