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Marduk – World Funeral – CD Review

Marduk has achieved a legendary, epic status amongst the Black Metal hordes.  And after hearing their 2003 masterpiece, “World Funeral” [Regain/The End Records], it’s no wonder.  This is the best Black Metal I’ve heard in aeons.

Marduk incorporates many elements into their style—Epic Black Metal, Death Metal, Swedish Style Death, and War Metal.  Using killer hooks, they implement a more powerful sound.  They don’t rely solely on speed.  Melodic, tragic, and dark—Marduk has perfected Vampiric Black Metal.

They use keyboards and samples, but the guts of their intense roar is their blasting, intricate guitar assault.  The vocals alternate between shrieks and jagged growls.  And the rhythms are stitched tight.

The best of these ruinous odes includes the wickedly cool “Castrum Doloris,” the manic “Blessed Unholy,” “Bleached Bones,” the epic instrumental “Blackcrowned,” and “Hearse.”  Marduk easily surpasses the mighty Cradle Of Filth.

Overall, this is an excellent, addictive opus.  Marduk could easily be the next kings of Black Metal.  And what a funereal experience it will be….  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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