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Lilitu – The Delores Lesion – CD Review

One of the most stunning releases of 2004 is the epic debut by Lilitu. (Historic note: Lilitu is from Hebrew folklore, she was the first vampire. She was also called Lillith.)

Their opus, “The Delores Lesion” [The End Records], is Extreme Dark Metal with immensely melodic aggression. Interlocking Avant-Garde Death, Swedish Death, Gothic, and Neo-Classical Metal, Lilitu has created a masterpiece of tenebrous radiance. This is a soundtrack for the last days-beautiful, bleak, and brutal.

Keys and symphonic elements add a surreal edge. Clean vocals juxtapose against growls and shrieks. Rhythms are tight, and intense. Guitars are ferocious and intricate, often frenzied. They also use some samples, as well as female angelic vocals. Lilitu is starkly fierce.

The most amazing of these burning odes includes the harshly glorious “Even The Vultures Have Moved On (Atracic Love Story),” the ethereal “Dark Haired Girl,” “Fragments Of My Reflection,” the intense “Only The End Of The World Again,” and the short acoustic instrumental “Ether.” Lilitu is a unique journey through resplendent darkness.

In summary, Lilitu‘s “The Delores Lesion” is the most monumental releases of 2004. It’s just that simple, it’s just that good. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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