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Life Of Agony – River Runs Again – CD Review

Spawned from the unique NYHC scene, Life Of Agony was a beast all to its own. The live 2003 opus, “River Runs Again” [Steamhammer Records], is a double-disc collection of classic Doomcore Metal. Life Of Agony was as massive as a black hole.

Their style was totally individualistic—fusing the immense power of Doom with the aggression of Hardcore. Deep, clean vocals slither across vast, weighty guitars. The rhythms are dense, giving their style an even more abyss quality. Life Of Agony is like a chasm—dark, immeasurable, and epic.

There are 21 tracks in this set. The best of these include “Through And Through,” the primal “My Eyes,” “Tangerine,” the catchy stomp of “Weeds,” “River Runs Red,” and the oppressive glory of “This Time.” Life Of Agony crushes….

In summary, Life Of Agony still tears it up. This one is a must for any Life Of Agony fanatic. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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