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Less Than Jake – Borders & Boundaries.

Finally the much anticipated release of the new Less Than Jake CD, Borders & Boundaries. After venturing off to test the waters of the major record label in Capital Records, the guys from Less Than Jake return to the independent market. Releasing their new CD off of Fat Wreck Chords, hoping to put food on their table, instead of being slaves to the mega record company. Less Than Jake stay true to their form as they return to their old work ethics of do it yourself.

Borders & Boundaries is yet another fantastic release of punk/ska served up the way only the guys from Less Than Jake can bring it. Fifteen explosive tracks that bring you songs about adolescence, home towns, and being in L.A., accompanied by the Less Than Jake style of riveting horns and catchy chorus lines.

Although moving from a major label back to an independent label, Less Than Jake take nothing away from their creative vision that has rocked everyone, everywhere for over a decade. Letting it all out for their fans to absorb and enjoy.

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