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Kittie – SPiT – CD Review

You want Kittie? You can’t handle Kittie! The debut album SPiT on Ng Records from London, Ontario’s Kittie is one of the heaviest albums that I’ve heard in a long time. Kittie is not your typical heavy band; this band is made up of four talented females. Morgan Lander (vocals/guitar), Fallon Bowman (guitar/vocals), Talena (bass) and Mercedes Lander (drums) make up the phenomenon known as Kittie. From the first track, SPiT the title track of the album, Morgan and the rest of Kittie, take a hold of your soul, chew it up and spit it out, leaving you helpless and wondering what the hell hit you.

My first listen to the album, I was sitting at my desk with my mouth wide open. The musical onslaught that was taking place between my ears was killing me. I couldn’t take it just sitting there at my desk; I had to get up and run around. There is no way that you could just sit there and listen to Kittie and sit still, you HAVE to move around! If this is what happens to me when I’m listening to the CD, I can’t wait to see what happens at a live show!

By far my favorite track on the CD is BRaCKiSH, it is intense and it sticks with you hours after hearing the CD. The CD also gave me a nice little gift from Kittie: A video of BRaCKiSH, which in itself is an awesome contribution. Other songs that stand out in my mind are the instrumental iMMoRTaL, SuCK, GeT oFF (You CaN eaT a DiCK), and ChoKe (a song where Fallon Bowman does most of the vocals). There is not one song on this CD that I don’t like. In fact, everything is just… well amazing. So go out and buy this CD now! It will make a perfect fit in your CD collection and I can promise you that you will not take SPiT out of your CD player for at least a week!

You can also catch Kittie on tour now with Slipknot!


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