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Kittie – Oracle

Kittie - OracleI'm sure you've heard of the London, Ontario Canada band called Kittie right? You remember, the band that tore up the stage while on tour with Slipknot, massacred the audience during Ozzfest 2000? Well this group has gone through some small changes, dismissing a member, but is back with their new album, 'Oracle'. 'Oracle' hits stores November 13th 2001 and this is definitely a CD that you want to pick up!

We all know that Kittie is an all female band composed of Mercedes (drums), Morgan (vocals/guitar), Talena (bass), but they possess more balls than most bands out there today. The growling that Morgan does is comparable to her male counterparts. This is not pop-rock, this is good 'ol hard rock my friends. Only the cool radio stations will be playing anything off this album, as Kittie doesn't follow the latest trends. They just make music for themselves and their fans. Unfortunately for me, LA doesn't have any cool radio stations, so I'm grateful to have a copy of this disc.

Track Listing:

Oracle – 2:03
Mouthful of Poison – 4:39
In Winter – 5:33
Severed – 3:20
Run Like Hell – 4:09
Pain – 3:55
Wolves – 3:28
What I Always Wanted – 3:43
Safe – 4:13
No Name – 2:15
Pink Lemonade – 10:39

Rating: 4.5/5

Their latest album starts off with the title track, 'Oracle', which tells you that Kittie have not mellowed, they are the same baddass band as they were on 'Spit'. There's even an awesome cover of Pink Floyd's 'Run Like Hell'! Kittie have matured since their debut album 'Spit', as the new songs are real tight. Morgan is layering her vocals a lot more this time around, which sounds un-freaking-believable! You gotta love the hardcore growling with her singing voice mixed in. For an added bonus, the track 'Safe' has a piano playing during the song giving it a creepy feel to it. Which is ironic to me, since the title is “Safe”, but don't get me wrong, the track is amazing!

I for one am glad that there are bands like Kittie out there playing the harder music. Support Hard Rock and buy this CD and blast it out of your speakers!

Favorite Tracks: 'Oracle', 'What I Always Wanted', 'Run Like Hell', 'In Winter', 'Safe'

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