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Killswitch Engage – Alive or Just Breathing – CD Review

I've had this CD for a few weeks now and yes, this review should have been done a while ago, but I was just having too much of a good time listening to this CD. You see, the kind folks over at RoadRunner Records sent out the CD and called asking if I had gotten a chance to take a listen to the CD. I hadn't and didn't have the CD with me. I was a little bummed at that moment. I could tell that they were excited about this record and I didn't take a quick moment of my time to check it out when I got it. Well, unfortunately, it was going to have to wait until later.

The first thing I did when I got home was pop in the Killswitch Engage CD, “Alive or Just Breathing” into the CD player. I had to sit down. For what came out of those tiny speakers was something awesome, something that infected my ears. For the first time, I understood why the phone call was made asking if I had taken a chance to listen to the CD.

Track Listing:

Numbered Days – 3:35
Self Revolution – 3:08
Fixation on the Darkness – 3:37
My Last Serenade – 4:13
Life to Lifeless – 3:17
Just Barely Breathing – 5:42
To the Sons of Man – 1:58
Temple from the Within – 4:04
The Element of One – 4:08
Vide Infra – 3:28
Without a Name – 1:45
Rise Inside – 5:56

Rating: 5/5

Killswitch Engage blends parts of three of my favorite bands and creates something fucking beautiful. The vocalist, Jesse David Leach, has such passion in his voice, which follows the pattern from Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) (melodic and raspy) but takes it a step further. Melodic singing, half melodic/raspy, deep raspy, high raspy. The band, Adam Dutkiewicz (guitar), Joel Stroetzel (guitar), Mike D'Antonio (bass), Tom Gomes (drums) along with Jesse, sound similar to At the Gates and In Flames while adding their own touches. There is definitely an upbeat feel to the songs. You know when you can tell that some songs are in the mood of sadness and other just sound so cheerful. These songs emit feelings and emotions, almost as if they are alive.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't some poppy album singing about the goodness of the world, how the sunshine is grand and the like. This is a fucking metal album! Heavy riffs, double kick drums (for which I'm a sucker of) and nothing nu-metal about it (thankfully). There is nothing better than blasting this record as loud as I can, while rocking out! Hell, I even attempt to sing along in my car. But alas, I'm no match for the awesome vocals that Jesse belts out.

It seems like there has been a clump of shit that has been release over the last couple of months and I was starting to get a little worried. I mean, come on, Andrew WK? But Killswitch Engage has settled my worries. This album is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Killswitch Engage's “Alive or Just Breathing“, in my opinion, is the best release this year. Everything else after this has some pretty big shoes to fill. I will definitely be watching this band, and buying every release. Even though I already have this disc, you know I'm going to get another copy tomorrow.

Favorite Tracks: “My Last Serenade“, “The Element of One“, “Self Revolution“, “Numbered Days“, “Fixation on the Darkness

Check out www.killswitchengage.com to find out more about Killswitch Engage.

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