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Killing Spree – Terror From Beyond Space – CD Review

Greetings fiends. Today has been a day of strange influences which I have truly enjoyed. The first came in the way of an old, and somewhat dated in style, Horror movie called “The Dunwich Horror” [based upon the story of the same name by the great H.P. Lovecraft]. Overall it is simply horrid due to the special effects, stylistic effects, and butchery of the story. BUT, for some strange reason I still liked it very much. Dean Stockwell did an excellent heavy in this tale of the macabre.

The final influence came from the 1997 debut CD by Killing Spree, titled “Terror From Beyond Space” [Napalm Records]. This band is a sideproject of two members of the Death Metal band Sickening Gore, and it also features a former member of Prong. Being that these two influences in style are a mathematic given, then you should be able to reason that Killing Spree‘s style is a brutal form of Industrial Metal. BUT, also add a huge progressive/innovative edge that is lyrically fascinated by UFO’s. In one word it is “killer.”

The vocals are aggressive, but not quite Deathly. There are also some slight Techno influences…and the drumming has a brutal tribal flavor.

Cosmic Trigger” is first, and is one of my favorites. The whole mixture just really rocks.

Next is “Believe.” This one is about the Roswell incident that happened in 1947. It’s a speedfest track with brutal rhythms and attitude. I dig it a lot. It’s a natural gut shaker that makes me want to mosh into total insanity. Awesome.

Track three is called “Download.” This one is very Techno. And it still destroys.

Hell Exists” is next. It critically kicks. It’s slower, but really epic.

Then comes “Retrovirus.” It’s pretty Techno flavored also, but it adds an interesting dimension to the overall feel of the CD.

Song six is called “Whore.” It’s fast and brutal in places. This is my other favorite song. It uses some really cool Industrial rhythms also.

Social Automation” is track seven. This one has a heavier groove that bust the bass right out of the speakers of the stereo. The vocals have been distorted. It’s also very mosh inducing. Awesome stuff. The best line in the song is, “No Science Is A Means To An End.”

Next is “Alien Cloning Device.” This one is strange, but humorous. Again there is that Techno influence here, but this is the weakest track. It’s still interesting though.

Then there’s “Cross.” This one rocks. It’s fast and furious. There are no prisoners allowed here!

S-4” is the heavier of the Techno tracks. I liked this one pretty well. Usually I don’t like Techno, but Killing Spree makes it cool.

Song 11 is called “Suffer.” This is the heaviest as well as the very best track. It’s pretty Deathly. AWE-some! Killing Spree is pure genius in action. I love this song!

Track 12 is “1248 F.P.S.” That Techno influence pops-up here again, but there is some heavy bass and stuff to make it really cool. The drums kick as well. It’s good.

The last song is called “Drugs Anyone?.” It starts with drums, and then weirdness is added later. It’s pretty strange, but ends the CD with that nice a

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