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Jumbo’s Killcrane – The Slow Decay – CD Review

Grindcore, it makes the blood sing and the bones shatter. The Grind Metal act Jumbo’s Killcrane is one such beautiful monstrosity. Their 2005 release, “The Slow Decay” [Crucial Blast Records], is a massive abyss of thunderous glory. This is Psychedelic Doomgrind for Generation Wrecked….

Jumbo’s Killcrane has a crushing sound, an obliterating mixture of Powergrind and Psychedelic Doom Metal. Shrill, growled vocals impale the creeping blast of guitar roar. The rhythms are loose, slow, and utterly primal. Jumbo’s Killcrane kills.

The best cuts include the crawling maelstrom of “Locust Blanket,” “Die, Stabbed,” and the abyssal “The Slow Decay.”

Jumbo’s Killcrane is brutality unleashed.

In summary, Jumbo’s Killcrane is as bleak and beautiful as a solar eclipse that just won’t end. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

Bill Vogel III
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