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Jagged Thought Process – Self Titled 2001

Jagged Thought Process - Jagged Thought Process 2001From the bloody remains of countless rapcore bands Jagged Thought Process rises victorious from battle holding the Metal flag high. If you love rapcore, this is definitely NOT the CD for you, but if you’re tired of the whole raprock fusion, then by all means check out Jagged Thought Process latest effort Jagged Thought Process 2001. Jagged Thought Process, decomposed of J. Filgate (turbo injected chaos engineer), C “Notes” Edwards (BoomStick and Mental Trips) and D. (Sound Blankets / Cancerous throat noise) create a unique sound that I haven’t heard through all of my trips to clubs around the LA area. JTP is not afraid to take a chance and do something different, which takes balls in the jaded LA club scene. By the standards of the LA based radio stations, JTP would not be considered radio friendly. But what true metal band wants to be radio friendly? Besides, all the radio stations here suck.

Track Listing:

Tremble 3:08
Prototype #9 5:10
Glitch 5:51
Flesh 3:58
Enemy God 6:44
Gag Reflex 7:21
Shallow Self Parody 7:09

Rating: 3.5/5

My favorite tracks off the disc are “Glitch“, “Enemy God” and “Shallow Self Parody“. The opening to “Glitch” at times reminds me of old AC/DC with the guitar work and in the middle of the song, there’s your chug-chug-chug-chug low tone guitar salute to m/ metal. “Enemy God” is almost epic-like, well worth the cost of the CD just to get your hands on this song. “Shallow Self Parody’s” intro is kinda trippy-space-like and the song is hardcore!

I have seen a couple of different JTP lineups and this is the best offering that I have seen. Mind you, Jagged Thought Process is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I doubt if they care. “Jagged Thought Process will drown your goldfish.”


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