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Insomnium – Since the Day All Came Down – CD Review

Extremely dark and melodic, Insomnium adds an interesting twist to the Melodic Death Metal genre. Their 2004 opus, “Since the Day All Came Down” [Candlelight Records], fuses eclectic elements with Death Metal. It’s diverse, powerful, and extremely sublime.

Behold the beauty of darkness….

Insomnium has a radiant quality that surpasses mere heaviness…it transcends to a level of stark, poetic brutality. Combining an utter melodiousness with Gothic elements and Death Metal, Insomnium has created an enthralling work. Piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric instrumentation beautifully couple in harmonious dread. The mid-range, growled vocals crown this emotive style in perfect melancholy.

Insomnium is like witnessing the graceful downfall of the ever dying sun.

Like the last rays of light…. The best of these powerful tracks includes “Death Walked The Earth,” the down ode “Under The Plaintive Sky,” “Resonance,” the manic angst of “The Moment Of Reckoning,” and the distraught intensity of “Bereavement” (my favorite cut). Insomnium is a tenebrous wonder.

In summary, Insomnium has created one of the most stunning releases of 2004. It’s beautiful, dark, and totally addictive. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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