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In Flames – Reroute to Remain – CD Review

In Flames - Reroute to RemainI got my first glimpse of In Flames in 1996 while downloading metal mp3's from FTP sites (This was WAY before Napster). I saw the name In Flames and thought to myself, sounds metal, I'll get it. What I heard then blew me away. I'd really never heard guitar work like the way In Flames used. The vocalist's (Anders Friden) voice was so different, that I knew what I heard was something unique. A day or two later, I bought the CD, Jester Race that I had downloaded a few days prior. Since then, anything In Flames related I'd buy (mostly from CDNow.com because they have all the hard to get titles).

Fast-forward a few years and 5 albums later, In Flames releases Reroute to Remain, 14 Songs of Conscious Insanity. In my opinion, this is the best In Flames album to date, by far. The total package on this album is great. We have the traditional In Flames songs, `Dark Signs', `Dismiss the Cynic', the heavy tunes, `Transparent', `Minus' and the surprises (see below).

Track Listing:

Reroute To Remain – 3:53
System – 3:39
Drifter – 3:10
Trigger – 4:57
Cloud Connected – 3:41
Transparent – 4:03
Dawn Of A New Day – 3:41
Egonomic – 2:36
Minus – 3:44
Dismiss The Cynic – 3:38
Free Fall – 3:58
Dark Signs – 3:19
Metaphor – 3:39
Black & White – 3:33

Rating: 5/5

In some ways, this album is a departure from the In Flames norm; there are a little nu-metal influences as heard in `Transparent' and `System'. Anders uses more melodic vocals on this release, which mix beautifully with the raspy vocals that he normally uses.

The biggest surprise on the album is the song called `Metaphor'. The first time I heard the song, I was shocked, thinking, `What the hell, In Flames has a country song?' But by the end of the song, I was singing along with it. Just about every one of the songs on this album has a very catchy chorus.

Again, Anders Friden's voice – whether melodic or hoarse – is very unique, and makes In Flames what it is. The guitar work, thanks to Jesper Stromblad and Bjorn Gelotte, is exactly what you would expect from In Flames. Guitar gods they are. Rounding out the band is the rhythm section of Peter Iwers on bass and Daniel Svensson on drums.

The stand out tunes on this album are: `Minus', `Cloud Connected', `Transparent', `System', `Reroute to Remain', `Dawn of a New Day'

This is the album I want playing in my casket for all eternity when I die. I'm not joking.

Check out www.inflames.com to find out more about In Flames.

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Yes this review is a little bit late. But it's all I've listened to since I received the disc. I've been having fun. You will too!

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