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Imperial Crystalline Entombment – Apocalyptic End In White

In the darkest depths of the abyss, only the fiercest survive. Imperial Crystalline Entombment (a.k.a. I.C.E.) does more than survive in the utter bleakness, they thrive on the fury. Harsh, dismal, and intense: Imperial Crystalline Entombment makes Blackened Swedish Death Metal for only the most severe conditions….

Their 2004 opus of grim glories, “Apocalyptic End In White” [Crash Music, Inc.], is a cold, powerful work of sheer rage. Raspy, shrieking growls drill through the tumult. Furious, relentless guitars collide with riotous rhythms into a hellish symphony of twisted wonders. Imperial Crystalline Entombment has a abysmal beauty.

The bloodiest cuts include the ravenous onslaught of “Glacial Lyckanthropic Horde,” “Convulsing Frigid Death,” the attrition of “Onward Banshee Legions,” and “Astral Frost Invocation.” Imperial Crystalline Entombment is maliciously cool.

Overall, Imperial Crystalline Entombment is intense, raw-edged, and killer. Get ready for the apocalypse. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

Bill Vogel III
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