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Helmet – Size Matters – CD Review

The greatest Industrial Metal band ever, Helmet, has returned to the scene after a much-too-long hiatus. Their 2004 opus of start-stop excellence, “Size Matters” [Interscope Records], is an instant classic. Familiar yet a little different, longtime fans may need a few listens to warm-up to it. But after that, it’s all amazing.

Continuing that chunky, dense sound, Helmet is still as colorful and crunchy. Rhythmic blasts of guitar and drums interlock as a mechanized storm. Page Hamilton‘s low-key, and powerful vocals add fuel to the fire. And the synergy is phenomenal, unleashing with all the sheer force of a locomotive falling down a cliff. Helmet still crushes.

The best of these machine-cast wonders includes “Smart,” “Everybody Loves You,” the caustic glimmer of “Surgery,” “Throwing Punches,” and the intense cadence of “See You Dead” (my favorite by far). Helmet hasn’t lost a single beat.

Overall, Helmet is still the best at the game. Few even come close to their quality. Size matters: we want more…. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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