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Headspace – 2-song Demo Review

Out of the blue, this mini-masterpiece graced my doorstep. How lucky am I to be one of the privileged few that are able to discover new music by merely having passion for it? I suppose this was one of the gifts for my efforts. What I am referring to is the two-song demo CD I received from a Canadian four-piece band that call themselves Headspace.

With influences ranging from Bjork to Slipknot, and Incubus being a common thread amongst all four members; you can bet that you will be in for a pleasurable audible experience; one that I don’t think you’ve heard just yet. The band has existed for about 3 years, and consists of Skini (guitar), Jiba (bass), Zinno (drums), and Zo (vocals).

Upon listening to the first track, ‘Big Brother‘, the first thing you’ll hear is a very familiar drum sample that eerily resembles the one from the song ‘Eyeless‘ by Slipknot. It’s not Corey Taylor‘s voice that you’ll hear breaking through though; it’s Zo’s, along with a very funk-inspired, Incubus-style bass line backing him up. Very cool breaks and pops, with echoing guitars here and there complete the complex picture. It’s obvious that these guys enjoy what they do, which inevitably makes them better at doing it.

Pulling the Plug‘, the more ‘rockin’ out of the two tracks, is sure to please crowds and get them moving. The message seems to speak of confusion surrounding self-discovery and the constant fight against repression, a topic that almost everyone can identify with. “Day in and day out/I forget who I am/So now the time has come for me/To find out who I’d be.” The riff is catchy and memorable, and rocks steadily throughout the entire song.

Headspace have played sold out shows in the past with Hollywood favorites and fellow Canadians Slaves on Dope and are getting ready to tour soon. The band also has plans to relocate to the Los Angeles area within the year. Keep your eyes and ears open for these guys! In the meantime, visit the Headspace website at www.headspacenet.com.

They should do very well, and are sure to receive a warm welcome from the clubs and crowds in the area. I know I’ll definitely be going to see them play. I can’t wait to hear more. Two songs are merely a tease. This is good stuff!

Lesa Pence

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