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Hatebreed – Perseverance – CD Review

Of all of the genres of music, I think that hardcore sees the most bands come and go, breaking up, reforming, adding members, dropping them, and all the while raging against society. So many groups come and go barely leaving a mark, so when one produces a genuinely good song (or album), they are cherished in the community.

Connecticut's Hatebreed is one of those bands. They made a huge impact with the metal-tinged Victory release Satisfaction is the Death of Desire. As a whole, that album drew thousands of fans, but it was the anthem 'Before Dishonor' that made the band a household name in the hard rock world. Touring incessantly, Hatebreed brought their powerful sound to legions of disillusioned youths and enraptured them with their message of self-empowerment.

A pretty huge accomplishment. What is even more amazing is that they just did it again.

Perseverance is just as, if not more impressive, than Satisfaction. Featuring yet another anthem, 'I Will Be Heard', the new disc brings as hard of a sonic onslaught as the last release. Singer (screamer) Jamey Jasta unleashes furious, poignant lyrics that hit just as hard as drummer Matt Byrne slams his skins. It is hard to select just a few tracks to focus upon (aside from 'I Will Be Heard') as virtually every song is like a freight train – moving fast, powerful and in one direction: right over all oppressors.

Whatever popularity and admiration they have gained, Hatebreed has not let it affect their music. They know what it took to get where they are, and included it in the lyrics to 'Remain Nameless'. Jasta bellows “I paid my f***ing dues and everything I have in this life I've made from nothing. I've done this all on my own, that's more than you can say for yourself.”

Admittedly, the actual sound of the songs is a little thick, something that was absent upon seeing them live. With guitarist Lou Richards' dismissal several months ago (just after they came out of the studio), Hatebreed is now running as a quartet. They now come across cleaner, sharper and tighter. For the uninitiated, now just might be the best time to jump aboard the train because if you keep waiting, it just might plow over you.

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