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Hack & The 57’s – CD Review

Garlin “Hack” Hackney started his band in his junior year in high school back in 1965. The band’s, “Everything’s Cool” CD took me back to the fifties. I was ready to bop and jitterbug at the Sock Hop. There was that Chuck Berry guitar and Jerry Lee Lewis piano — the roots of Rock ‘N’ Roll. This was especially noted in the song ‘Rock-N-The House’. Then there were songs with a tad more country which is where rock was coming from in the fifties; that Rockabilly movement as noted in “Get Ready Baby”, and “She’s Hot (She Knows it)”.
Hacks original songs, “Old Square Bottle”, “You’re The Reason”, and “Rockin’ Jerry Lee” are top-notch Rockabilly. “You’re The Reason”, would have been a great song for Elvis. In fact, Hack, sounded quite a bit like Elvis on this number. “Rockin’ Jerry Lee”, as I am sure you can guess is a tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis. This is a GREAT CD!!

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