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Goudie – ‘Peep Show’ CD Review

Release Date: July 11th

When this CD arrived about a month ago, the anticipation was already overwhelming. The reputation of the band that created this monster was one of energy and innovation, and there was an incredible industry romance surrounding the name, Goudie. After carefully placing the CD in the drive and hearing the first strains of Johnny Goudie’s guitar, my mind and my senses went into immediate overdrive. This CD is gorgeous.

The songs from ‘Peep Show‘ – Goudie’s soon-to-be-released debut on The Music Company/Elektra label – are intimate, almost palpable, and the words hang in the air like incense smoke. The entire time I listened, little movies were playing in my head with each song. Johnny Goudie (lead vocals, guitar) is not unlike a chanteuse, crooning provocative tales of bad love, loss, desire, and sexual obsession. The first single, “Baby Hello” according to Johnny Goudie himself, is a musical retelling of “an actual phone sex encounter”.

Throughout ‘Peep Show’, Johnny’s is an inescapable presence, and once you are within the embrace of his voice, you are instantly transported to another place. His range is unbelievable, with the only suitable match being Einar Pedersen, (backing vocals, bass) whose voice compliments Johnny’s while it is equally astonishing to the listener.

The moody guitars mesh well together. Jimmy Messer cranks out the solos, and while some ‘vocalist-slash-guitar players’ suffer from one job sounding better than the other; this is not the case with Johnny. As reserved as he is in his personal appearance, you would never know it by listening to what exudes from Bill Lefler’s drums. He maintains the visceral pulse of the band, pumping the vital fluids to all of the necessary organs. The combination of talent within this band is like fireworks; one gorgeous, glittering, Goudie waterfall after another.

If you seek something out of the ordinary norm of late, without a trace of boy band, pop star gooeyness, and absent of hardcore, crunching guitars and scowling vocals; you need look no further than ‘Peep Show’. The CD will be released on July 11th. Undoubtedly, this CD will be the one that you can see shimmering all the way across the store. For more information, tour dates, and even video clips, please visit www.goudie.com.

Lesa Pence

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