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Glassjaw – “Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence” – CD Review

First of all, let me just say that the very reason why I was interested in giving this band a listen was because I thought the name they chose was so damn cool. It invokes images in my brain of a crystal skull, and other visions of the jaw of that skull being smashed to bits by a human fist. Odd, you say? Perhaps not. Especially since much of the material on Glassjaw’s debut Roadrunner Records/I AM release “Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence” pertains to being shattered, which I think just about everyone can relate to. Thus, the name they have given themselves is fitting; at least to me. Now that we have established that fact, let’s talk about Glassjaw.

This band is comprised of 5 young guys who learned a few things about life in the real world early on. Perhaps they learned those lessons too early. Maybe it’s always too early to learn about what pain is, but this is one cool way of letting that out. Start a band. There’s your therapy. Ross Robinson would agree. He signed them within mere moments of hearing one song. Obviously, Ross must have somehow been able to relate to Glassjaw’s message.

The CD begins with a track called ‘Pretty Lush‘. To the average listener, this title could mean one of two things; a drunk person who is good-looking, or some richly decored surroundings. The frontman for the band, however, claims that every song on the CD somehow relates back to old Godzilla movies. Hmmm. In any case, the sound is immediate, and it stabs at you like little pin pricks until you begin to feel the flow.

Similar to bands that the members of Glassjaw have looked up to in the past; (Far, Snapcase) they are unique in that it is hard to place them in your average record store sections.The bands’ influences come from all areas of the musical spectrum, and not the “average” spectrum either. Glassjaw are Emo, but they’re not. They’re heavy, then they’re not. They feel like they’re going to get aggro, but they get soothing. Give this a listen and have fun figuring out how you feel. All I know is that I really liked it half way through my second listen.

Vocally, I can hear resemblances to Chino Moreno, Ronnie from Helen 55, and Glenn Perham from L.A.’s own Deepdown – all blended furiously into one tortured, tangled mess. Backing Daryl Palumbo (vocals) up are Todd Weinstock and Beck (no…not that Beck) on guitars, Manuel Carrero on bass, and Sammy Siegler on drums. Combined, they back up Daryl like a Mack truck coming straight at you at 50 mph.

Favorite tracks? ‘Siberian Kiss‘, ‘Majour‘, ‘Her Middle Name Was Boom‘ and ‘Piano‘.

Check out Glassjaw. Visit the website at www.siberiankiss.com. Don’t walk! RUN!

Lesa Pence

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