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Gifted – Pure EP – CD Review

After a few lineup changes, Gifted is back with their latest offering, “Pure“. Emmet Fahringer (vocals) is the only member left in the Gifted that I knew. I know that some people fear change, but from what I have heard on the “Pure” EP, you have nothing to fear.

Track Listing:

Seven Sundays – 3:01
Pure – 4:35
Televisionary – 4:08
Monkey in the middle – 4:07
Some more than others – 3:12

Rating: 4.5/5

So, you wondering who the new players are, are you? Well, first we have Murv Douglas, formerly of Capital 2, handling bass and backing vocals, Nick Annis of Turn of the Screw on guitar, Rob Allen, formerly of Ground Zero, on guitar and backing vocals and last but not least, James Connelly, formerly of Lifted (yes Lifted!), on drums. The new lineup of Gifted is quite amazing, and it seems like the band has played together for a number of years.

Pure” is filled to the brim with radio friendly, catchy tunes that you will be singing along with. Every track on this disc I can see being played on the radio in the not so distant future. The track `Some more than others' is a beautiful acoustic song that you really just have to hear! Sometimes it's refreshing to listen to something that's not yelling at you or growling and “Pure” delivers. This CD is definitely something that any music lover should pick up and listen to. It will quickly become on of your “I can't live without it” discs.

Check out www.giftedbrandmusic.com to find out more about Gifted.

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