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Ghoulspoon – ‘Fever’ CD Review

Ghoulspoon, (Zach Goode on vocals, J. Cooper and Jeremy Ronstadt on guitars and vocals, Richard “Rice” Enright Jr. on bass and Jason Vick on drums) a band that you cannot categorize in the traditional sections of a record store. Elements of metal/funk/ska/punk/reggae/hip-hop makes up what Ghoulspoon throws at you on their CD entitled “Fever“. During a time where most bands want to sound like a cross between KoRn and Limp Bizkit, Ghoulspoon tosses all that aside and has gone down the road less traveled to bring you something different, something cool, something real.

Crowd of a Thousand and Transcend demonstrate the wide range of music style the Ghoulspoon possesses. Crowd of a Thousand has your hard rocking, circle-pit feel to it.. Alternatively, Transcend has a definite Caribbean feel to it, a real feel good song. Of the six-track disc, Crowd of a Thousand is definitely my favorite track. I can’t really explain why. It’s one of those songs that sticks in your head and you don’t mind it, you welcome it. Ghoulspoon ever covers the Cars song You’re All I’ve Got Tonight, which comes across very well.

If you ever come across this disc, be sure to pick it up. It will make a nice addition to your collection. It’s not one of the discs that you buy, listen to for a month and put it back in your collection never to be heard from again. This disc will forever be in and out for your CD player (or if you have one of those cool 25+ CD players, Fever will just stay in your CD player).


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