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Fueled By Ignorance – Widow

You know me, any band that has a double bass drum kick by default gets higher marks from me. There’s just something about it, the fast phat beats, I love it. Fueled By Ignorance satisfies my fix for the double kick, but that’s not why this band has high marks, Fueled By Ignorance is a very tight band, the vocals are phenomenal! Simon Springer can sing as well as growl in the raspy type voice, yes I said Simon can sing. The rest of the members that make up Fueled By Ignorance unit are Adrian Castley (guitars), Jay Christopherson (bass), Shawn Gairdner (drums). Everything that Fueled By Ignorance has to offer on this disc is superb. Listening to the music that Fueled By Ignorance creates you know that they are 110% behind their music, no cookie cutter metal here, just raw in your face emotion. Just take this little snippet of lyrical content from ‘Echoes‘:

Laughter dies, in my eyes/Hollow trust there’s no bliss/My bravest mask won’t hide the pain in my soul/In my eyes, laughter dies/Anger soon fills in this hole.

After listening to the CD a few times, I wonder why this band hasn’t been signed and have embarked on a world tour, my opinion, of course. The six track CD is freaking awesome, not only is it pleasing to the ear, but visually stimulating as well. The artwork that went into the CD is awesome. This band definitely has a passion for what they do, and it shows. The only thing that I haven’t witnessed is the live show, and even that is going to change very soon. Fueled By Ignorance will be playing the Whiskey on October 31, 2000, yup on Halloween.

Check out their website at http://www.fueledbyignorance.net

Brian May – brian@unearthed.com

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