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Freya – As The Last Light Drains – CD Review

Rising from the ashes of the legendary Metalcore act Earth Crisis, Freya has similar feel with a few added, subtle twists of aggression. Their 2003 debut, “As The Last Light Drains” [Victory Records], is an intensely ferocious journey through stark landscapes of harsh, cataclysmic beauty. Freya burns down the palisades of mediocrity.

The guitar work is a tight, metallic onslaught with a monstrous Hardcore edge. Guttural growls, shrieks, roaring yells, and clean Emo vocals wrap the skull-crushing rhythms and fiery guitar blasts. There is a strong, brutal core to the Freya sound that is perfectly balanced by artistic skill. It’s this juxtaposition of dynamics that separates the great Metalcore bands from the merely good ones.

Freya is definitely great.

The best of these shredding cuts includes the perfect ferocity of “Daisy Cutter,” the instrumental “Veritas,” “Negative Infinity,” “Glasseating Smile,” the feral sublimity of “Dead In Her Eyes,” and the straight-edge anthem “Seize The Day.” Freya is explosive….

In final summary, Freya has a masterpiece in their debut release, “As The Last Light Drains.” It is easily one of the best releases of the year. Could they achieve the legendary status of Earth Crisis? Absolutely. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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