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finger eleven “Tip” – CD Review

It is not the first time a collection of music has done this to me and I am certain that it will not be the last. But, finger eleven are winding their way throughout my veins and my pores as they continue to weave their emotionally heavy web around my heart as I listen. I am enamored. I am taken.

The debut CD, “Tip” (Wind-Up Records) is an altogether crushing, moving and building wrecking ball for the brokenhearted. In the moments when you feel angry about what is happening within a relationship, listen to the title track. And when you soften and feel regretful, try “Awake and Dreaming”. It’s a rollercoaster ride with all of the twists, turns, and stomach-turning 100-foot drops that you need when you’re looking for something to make it all go away. Or maybe you’ll just want to wallow in it.

finger eleven are five talented musicians from Canada. If you ask me, they need to be discovered on a much larger scale in America. Scott Anderson (vocals) takes on a grainier and angrier Our Lady Peace persona, and his vocal peaks will remind you of none other than their singer. But listen with a closer ear, and you will find that he has carved himself a little piece of you all to himself. The band that creates the ocean of sound behind him consists of two guitar players, James Black and Rick Jackett, that know how to truly make their instruments sing. Sean Anderson holds fast with deep bass lines and Rich Beddoe pounds out a solid heartbeat on drums.

People may be all too quick to dismiss finger eleven as just another alternative rock band amongst the many that are vying for their respective chances in the spotlight. To do that would be making an enormous mistake. “Quicksand” proves that the band has unyielding melodic musicianship, “Glimpse” showcases their louder, angrier, almost Tool-influenced side, and “Costume for a Gutterball” brings you right back to the pain and the poignant confusion. All of these are things that just about anyone can identify with.

One thing you will hear throughout this release is that there is always a glimmer of hope that shines through in even the most heart wrenching tracks. Unlike many recordings by other bands that try to appeal to the emotional side of things, finger eleven succeeds in drying tears instead of encouraging them to be shed all night long. One can listen to this CD, cleanse themselves of the bad and then walk away feeling well again.

My first listen to “Tip” will remain an unforgettable experience and one that I am certain I will return to, and relive time and time again.

Lesa Pence

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