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Fever Pitch – CD Review

How many people out there can find Topeka, Kansas on a map? Soon enough, there may be people pulling out atlases to look. The reason for the sudden yearning for knowledge? A band called Fever Pitch.

A modern rock quintet, these midwesterners followed the path taken by many bands – tired with local tours and little recognition, they moved to Los Angeles.

Along the way they have been sending out demos, including the one that fell into my lap. An unnamed EP with five songs, it has better-than-your-average-demo production quality.

Formerly known as 8 Degrees, Fever Pitch offers up clean angst-ridden rock and roll that is fully of hooks. Lyrically, like many rock bands nowadays, they focus upon relationship troubles. This is no overnight garage band, these guys have found a sound and worked hard to perfect it. Unfortunately, they stick hard to that niche, which lends to all five songs on the demo sounding alike. Nonetheless, it isn't difficult to imagine any one of the five (perhaps “Frozen” or “Far From You“) coming off of your radio dial.

With melodies, harmonies and radio-friendly tracks, they fit right in among hard rock radio favorites Staind and Puddle of Mudd.

To check them out, swing by www.feverpitch1.com.

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