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Fenix TX – Lechuza – CD Review

Punk is a wondrous thing…. A prime example of this is the second opus by Fenix TX, titled “Lechuza” [Drive-Thru Records]. It's a pulverizing mix of Pop Punk, Hardcore, Emo, and Metal. And honestly, it's the best Punk that I've heard in ages.

Avoiding the whiney Pop Punk singing cliche, Fenix TX fires-up a lot of emotion and uses harmonies in their vocals. The guitars are dense–slamming around the loose, pristine rhythms with a precise, heavy punch of gnarled aggression. It's eloquent and extreme, and the resulting chaotic glory is both addictive and amazing.

The best of this superb collection of tracks includes the raucous “Phoebe Cates,” “Something Bad Is Gonna Happen,” the pummeling “Pasture Of Muppets,” and “Beating A Dead Horse.”

The very best cut though is “Threesome,” a bipolar little gem about asking your girl for a three-way. It says, “If you want to dance, and she wants to lead, I'll go out of my way, I'll do anything, and one word is all I need.” The tempo interchanges between soft/melodic and fast/manic as the mood shifts throughout the song.

In conclusion, this is an amazing release and Fenix TX's best work yet. It has that radiant quality that will make it a classic, and me a loyal fan. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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