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Evemaster – Wither – CD Review

Evemaster is a great new Melodic Death Metal band with more than enough power and edge to put them leagues ahead of the established paragons of the genre. Their 2004 debut, “Wither” [Crash Music, Inc.], has an addictive darkness that is ferocious. Evemaster is surreal, sublime, and severe.

Shrill, raspy growls are interlaced with clean, Gothic vocals. There is tons of melody here, built on acoustic guitars, samples, keyboards, frenzied and intricate guitar fury, and dynamic barrages of murderous rhythms. Evemaster is an intense fusion of sorrowful beauty and brutal aggression.

It’s perfect.

The best of these wicked glories includes “Stars … Serenity … Burning,” the melancholic edginess of “As I Turn Away,” “Wither,” the vicious wonder of “Nothing But Grey,” and the epic “Harvest Skies.” Evemaster is beyond brilliant, they are awe-inspiring.

Forget about In FlamesEvemaster are the new kings of Melodic Death Metal.

In summary, Evemaster has issued one of the BEST RELEASES of 2004. And they are also one of the BEST NEW BANDS of the year as well. Evemaster is a must have. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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