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Entombed – Inferno – CD Review

From the Kings of Deathrock Metal, a new vitality has been found in their latest effort. Their 2004 opus, “Inferno” [Candlelight/Threeman Records], is their best work in several years. With more jagged ferocity and a little Blues meandering, “Inferno” burns with a gloriously raw edginess.

Shattering mundane trends, Entombed does it their way. With catchy, crushing they create thick waves of blasting power. It’s both simple and eloquent, leaving only enough room for intensity.

The vocals are slightly raw, mid-range growls with a crisp clarity. The guitar work has a rough, acidic beauty to its fiery assault. Entombed is one of a kind.

The best of these roaring wonders includes the caustic assault of “Incinerator,” “Night For Day,” the dense rumble of “Flexing Muscle,” the frenzied “Young & Dead,” “Descent Into Inferno,” and the fiery “The Fix Is In.” The U.S. version also these tracks: “When Humanity’s Gone,” “There Are Horrors Of 1000 Nightmares,” and “Random Guitar.” Entombed is solid, no-nonsense Deathrock Metal at its finest and fiercest.

Overall, Entombed still has what it takes to be great. Was there really any doubt? Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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