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Elseworth Dragon – Plastic Superhero EP – CD Review

Elseworth Dragon - Plastic Superhero EPA group of edgy-looking young Goth boys with hungry eyes and sincere hearts that reside in the not-so-city parts of Los Angeles have been making beautiful music together. By a series of all too familiar near misses and coincidences that come with the territory when you're trying to put a band together; the right combination of members finally came together and they decided that this was “it”. They were smart to trust that inner calling. The body of work that has resulted has even resurrected mine.

You see, I don't write much these days; at least not about music. Sometimes though, once in a blue moon – and I do mean really blue, like electric purplish-blue – I'll discover something purely by coincidence or accident that stirs that old muse within me from her sleep. Recently, she woke to the sounds of a band that call themselves Elseworth Dragon. And this music has kept her awake at night ever since.

Elseworth Dragon seem to have carefully picked up the shards of glass left behind by the Smashing Pumpkins, made masterful use of the futuristic technology at their fingertips, added stygian, powerhouse guitars and – giving a respectful, albeit unintentional nod to old school David Bowie – have successfully created a stand out offering in the form of an emotionally-charged EP entitled Plastic Superhero .

Collectively, the band makes a solid impression from the very first strains of the EP's title track. Opening the disc with a gorgeous song flooded with watery guitars, whispering vocals, and a liquid crystalline backdrop was a smart move. From there, the mind willingly succumbs to drowning in the black and velvety verses, and the heart blindly follows. Before you know it, you're singing along with the memorable lines of the chorus. It is heartfelt music like this that makes me glad to have gotten up that morning.

Another selection that slays you from moment one is a track called “Fragmentation“. This is one of those songs that hits you hard, and where it counts. The bass and guitar moving together like shadows on a wall – resounding and moody – draw you in and embrace you. The drums are icy, yet throbbing, and the words and melody intertwine not unlike corset laces tightly wound around your thoughts. Except that you don't want to be let go. Ever.

The collection of songs on Plastic Superhero display versatility and talent beyond any stretch of the imagination – especially from a young, unsigned act. There is obvious writing ability here, combined with a relentless passion for music… and they never forget to have fun. Example? Give “This Is God” a listen. And if you are one of those people that make a game out of finding the hit single on a new record, look no further than “Save Me Fast“.

The band members do like to play around with their music, too. There is no doubt about how much they enjoy the toys and tools at their disposal. They cover quite a bit of ground on the remixes by using samples, keyboards and programming. And why not? Especially in a live setting, when done right this type of work only enhances the lushness of traditional instruments, making things all the more interesting and layered – mood altering.

The brainchild of frontman Deano' (lead vocals, programming) who instantaneously comes off as charismatic and likeably bombastic – two very important ingredients in becoming a successful performer – Elseworth Dragon seem to be looking at a very bright future. The only thing is that they are already light years ahead of themselves. For a band in a position with that much potential, the only place to go from there is in the cockpit of a rocket headed straight to the top.

For more information about Elseworth Dragon, including photos, audio samples, and more – just visit the band's website here. Watch for upcoming show dates, right here at UnEarthed.com. And look forward to a new release from the band with even more great material coming soon.

Lesa Pence

Congratulations to Elseworth Dragon on becoming UnEarthed.com's UnSigned Band of the Month for April 2002. Warmest thanks (especially to Dax) and Elseworth Dragon for bringing the noise, for giving me the inspiration to “pick up the pen” again, and for simply moving me beyond words and into dreams.

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