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Element Eighty – (Self-Titled) – CD Review

The best new Melodic Hardcore band to come around in ages has to be Element Eighty. Their 2003 self-titled opus, out on Universal Records, is an incredible fusion of smashing Moodcore massiveness and Hardcore dynamics. Element Eighty holds nothing back—they’re full-on and ferocious.

This Texas outfit mixes stomp-and-kick blast-beat power with melodious caterwaul. Clean, melodic vocals slam into hellish growls, hammering in deeply and exploding for maximum effect. The rhythms are infectious, and primal as chaos itself.

The best of these burning tracks includes “Bloodshot,” the beautiful agony of “Broken Promises,” “Dummy Block,” “Flatline,” and the intense rumble of “Goodbye.” Element Eighty is sublimely fierce.

Overall, Element Eighty is amazing. And some say anger can’t be beautiful! Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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