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Dynamite Hack – Superfast by Dynamite Hack CD Review

Love them or hate them, they are Dynamite Hack. Other than hearing them on the radio I do not know too much about this band, which is why when I did the review of their CD Superfast by Dynamite Hack, I was really surprised at the whole out come of the CD. Dynamite Hack delivers an abundance of melodic tunes with a Weezer type feel to it. Their version of N.W.A.’s Boyz-N-The Hood can be heard on various radio stations, sorry no plugs.

When I first heard Dynamite Hack’s version of Boyz-N-The Hood, I thought to myself, man these guys suck a big one. They totally fucked up that song. The slow folk type tunes just do not go good with the lyrics or whole context of that song. Maybe that was their sick little joke, I do not know. However the rest of the songs on the album are very different from that one song, and I am sure if I hear it a zillion times it will grow on me. That’s right a zillion times. Superfast by Dynamite Hack is mainly about hanging out with your friends, thinking about life’s what ifs, Kate Moss, and girls breaking your heart over and over again while you do not learn from your mistakes.

Even though I do not like the Boyz-N-The Hood song, I would still recommend this CD to my close personal friends. If you are a Weezer fan then this album will put a grin on your face. Dynamite Hack gives you 12 enjoyable tracks, 11 if you have the same feelings I do. But let’s not dwell on the little things. Superfast by Dynamite Hack locked, and kept me entertained for the whole forty-three plus minutes of the CD.

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