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Dying Fetus – Stop At Nothing – CD Review

Grindcore is a wondrous thing.  The sheer amalgamation of brutality and genius makes this style truly unique.  But even within this world there are some bands that are truly exemplary.  One such act is Dying Fetus, whose ferocious brand of Crust/Deathgrind Metal razes the sky.  Their 2003 opus of brute force excellence, titled “Stop At Nothing” [Relapse Records], is an essential work.

Fusing intricate guitar solos, fiery Crust grooves, and manic Grind rhythms, Dying Fetus sets an epic standard in intensity.  Shrieks and guttural growls piledrive through the maelstrom of crushing, metallic wrath.  Like Rotten Sound, they can play the slow and powerful Grind as well—this adds a massive quality.

The most killer of these impressive cuts includes the psychotic bombast of “Schematics,” “Stop At Nothing,” “Forced Elimination,” the cataclysmic epic “Abandon All Hope,” and the massive groove of “One Shot, One Kill.”  Dying Fetus has no weaknesses.

In summary, Dying Fetus has released one of the best Grindcore albums of 2003.  This one stops at nothing to destroy….  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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