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Dr. Chunk – Self Titled – CD Review

From the sandy, peaceful shores of San Diego comes a sound so aggressive and hard, it can only be labeled as heavy metal. The band I am writing about is Dr. Chunk. This hardcore quartet features singer Tighe Werntz, guitarist Eric Beard, bassist Jeff Simpson, and drummer Mikey Neil. Together, they create a powerful and creative entity that is both unstoppable and relentless. Their independently produced sophomore album, mixed by Steve Russell (P.O.D.) and mastered by Brian Gardner (Linkin Park, Blink 182), is a sonic blast of harsh sounds with melodic undertones, sure to force label executives to not only listen, but dive into the pit.

All 10 songs on this disk are sonically urgent and lyrically inventive. Subject matter varies from societal trappings (“Psycho”) to fake-ass friends (“Disallowed” and “Traitor View”). The music attracts you, but the lyrics keep you listening (“You take a dark cloud trap it inside/ Lost the world in overdrive/ I don't remember anything at all/ Lost the world in alcohol.” – from “Garden of Sound”). Their sound is unique, yet reminiscent of pre-sell-out Metallica (“Face The Fear”). My favorite song is the last one on the album, called “Cardboard Genius.” The guitar stylings of Eric Beard prove to be both hypnotic and captivating.

Dr. Chunk's wall of a sound can be better described as a tsunami. And by visiting http://www.drchunk.com, those beyond the shores of So Cal can ride their turbulent wave of sonance.

-Rikk Elhaj

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