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Die Section – Self Titled

Die Section - Self TitledSo the good folks at BandBitch sent over a CD of one of their bands, Die Section, to the UnEarthed.Com secret underground compound and the disc was placed into the sound system. There the heavy, industrial sounds were pumped throughout the isolated hallways of the facility stirring the inhabitants into an audio feeding frenzy. As the sample in “This is no Dream” states: “I like it!”

Track Listing:

This is no Dream 3:08
The Simplicity of Facelessness 3:48
Inertia 3:24
Mindtrip 2:55
Dialate 3:39

Rating: 4/5

Since 1998, Die Section has been evolving, changing members, names and musical direction and is now composed of Brandon (vocals/programming/sampling), Brent (guitar/keyboard), Andrew (bass) and Brad (drums). After listening to the five song disc completely a few times, I can see why Wayne Static (of Static-X) took a liking to this Dallas Texas band. Their sound is in the same vein as Static-X, but this is not (get it hehe) Static-X. The band has been compared to the likes of NiN, Ministry and the heaviness of Pantera. While I may not agree with the Pantera part, I do agree with the NiN, Ministry and of course Static-X comparisons.

One of my favorite tracks of the disc is “The Simplicity of Facelessness” as this tune is very addictive. The futuristic aura of the opening of the track really adds to the overall feeling of the song. “Dialate” is another one of those tunes that seep into your memory and pleases your ear drums.

You can purchase the EP from the bands website at www.diesection.com


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