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Devildriver – (Self-Titled) – CD Review

Revolution is the catalyst of creativity. Dez, the former lead vocalist for Coal Chamber, has returned with a new band and a new direction. His new project, Devildriver, creates a visceral brand of Deathrash Metal that absolutely destroys. Their 2003 self-titled debut, out on Roadrunner Records, takes no prisoners. It’s full-on and ferocious.

Devildriver hammers away with crazed guitar frenzy—the grooves are more subtle than smashing. Dez‘s patented shrill growl pierces the frenetic onslaught, adding a violent burst of fury. It’s a riotous display of sheer, primal power.

Songs of note include the fractious “I Could Care Less,” “Die And Die Me,” “Meet The Wretched,” the blasting “I Dreamed I Died,” “Knee Deep,” and “Swinging The Dead.” Devildriver is as relentless as hell.

Overall, Devildriver is killer. And this is ferocity! Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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