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Depswa – 4 Track Demo

With an explosion like a shower of shrapnel in your face, Depswa comes flying right out of your speakers and infects your head for a long time after listening. This is some of the most powerful and intense metal I’ve had the experience of hearing in a while. The tribal elements of the drums, and pounding guitars add some seriously creepy effects while Jeremy Penick’s voice literally bleeds for your pleasure, especially on “Faithless.” He has the power and the versatility to vocally grind you into pieces, then effortlessly smooth you out like glass.

Horrific in it’s beauty, upon my very first listen I felt as if I had my ear to the wall of someone else’s therapy session in the next room. It was beautiful to hear this much passion being shoved at me, yet it was shocking how much anguish was showing. I shuddered and got the chills. That was when I knew I was truly “feeling” this band.

Depswa are completely refreshing in the way that the music is comforting, yet disturbing. There is something soothing about listening to the vibrations of the skillful, yet childlike guitars at some points. The sound of them reminds me of the innocent, yet evil music of a child’s piano. The bass lines are doom-laden and brooding. And when Jeremy begins pleading through “Tears and Smiles,” he has truly arrived.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not quite sure if the world is ready for this band. But I sure hope so, because that would mean there is a really intense future ahead of us all. I would be perfectly happy to see a band like Depswa laying the groundwork for the rest of the soldiers to follow. I’m signing my name in blood on this one.

Lesa Pence

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