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Depswa – 4 Song Demo CD Review

Imagine Korn, but harder. Imagine Ozzy, but hungrier. Imagine Coal Chamber, but scarier. If you could do any of the above, you would form an image of Depswa. Straight out of No Cal but currently based out of the Sunset Strip, Depswa is a metal band that has a lot to offer head-bangers all over the world. Each of the band members has put in several years mastering their respective instruments. Guitarist Dan Noonan is a former member of Enigma (now Spineshank) and Drill (now Static-X). Vocalist Jeremy Penick’s resume dates back to 1992. The band is completed by Ryan Burchfield on bass and Collin Torres on drums. Together, the band members leave their bodies, and their souls ascend into a self-described “tribal/progressive hardcore/intense groove” utopia of sound.

Aside from playing relentlessly in recent months and putting together an army of street teamers patrolling the Sunset Strip, Depswa is getting their sound heard by putting their 4-song demo free for download on their web site, www.depswa.com. This work is not the cleanest recording you will ever hear, and the production value leaves something to be desired. However, these harsh tunes are straight out of your worst and most intense nightmare, and the speakers on your computer may never recover.

The first song, “Faithless,” is packed with raw passion and emotion, which rushes at you from Penick’s throat. As he blares out, “I feel the weight of the world coming down on me…,” one can’t help but relate to his hopeless plight. Whaling guitars and pounding drums add to the extreme sounds on this track. About midway through the song, an eerie chant is laid down on the unsuspecting listener. Just another surprise in the cold and dreary voyage that is this song.

“Lonely Places” features twisted and crazed guitar fingerings, mixing well with Penick’s pleading vocals. It’s the kind of song that, at its harder moments, causes you to bob your head without even knowing it. “Half Empty” is a tune that could easily be out of Static-X’s Wisconsin Death Trip. The chilling chorus on this track builds up and explodes like an atom bomb. The final tune, “Tears & Smiles,” has a psychedelic flavor. As creative as it is unusual and beautiful, there is no need for illegal substances to maximally enjoy this piece of work.

The members of Depswa, in an attempt to create the heaviest music possible, have produced a raw and passionate collection of pure emotion and energy. Having put in their time playing small clubs, it is clear that Depswa is ready to take on the world. But is the world ready for Depswa?

– Rikk eLhaj

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