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Decrepit Birth – …And Time Begins – CD Review

Created with one intent, the band Decrepit Birth has succeeded in creating a style of true brutality. Their 2003 opus of brute force glory, titled “…And Time Begins” [Unique Leader Records], is sheer, stark power unleashed. (This act features former members of Dying Fetus, Deprecated, and Misery Index.)

Brutal Death Metal is what Decrepit Birth is all about, and they do it brilliantly. Fusing elements of Deathrash and Grind, a maelstrom of power explodes from the primal depths. Decrepit Birth‘s blasting, pulverizing style crushes.. guttural growls interlock with tight, raw rhythms. It is a continuous onslaught of visceral intensity. Decrepit Birth simply destroys….

Of these vicious cuts, the best ones include the crazed “Concepting The Era,” “Of Genocide,” “…And Time Begins,” the ravenous assault of “Condemned To Nothingness,” and “Prelude To The Apocalypse.” Decrepit Birth is phenomenal in their harsh sublimity.

In summary, Decrepit Birth kills. This is one unbelievable band to watch for. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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